Abuse Tech™ was founded to fulfill the need for solutions to mitigate the challenges of abuse.

Abuse Tech is focused on on two critical areas to help resolve these abuse problems:

Engineered Solutions:

Prescription Theft:  If your medicines were in a lockable bottle, it would do them no good to try and take your pills - because they wouldn’t be able to get into the bottle to take them.  Yes they could take the entire bottle, perhaps even smash it open with a brick, but they would not be able to remove drugs from your care without your noticing. 

Ease of Access: The Abuse-Loc™ bottle is as easy to open as it is to pick up a pencil.  The bottle takes no effort to open, no squeezing, turning or other motions that are hard for someone with arthritis or other disabilities.

Reusability: Ideally such a bottle can be re-used over and over saving waste and expense.

What if that locking prescription bottle was all that it took to interrupt the primary channel of distribution of these abused medications?

  1. The Abuse-Loc™ bottle that opens only with the matching key

  1. The Abuse-Cap for existing “child resistant” medicine bottles featuring a traditional keyed cap for access

  1. The Abuse-Stop controlled access bottle solution featuring the “USB Key” enabling timed bottle access

It's incredibly easy to open and it will only open for the authorized user with the key:


Abuse tech products:


System with bottle


For existing bottles


For access control


Solutions for Specific Problems


Place Key on top of bottle


Lift cap straight off the bottle


Open bottle without twisting, squeezing or even turning!


Get the bottle and your key