A Dream:

Abuse Tech, LLC started with a dream....

A dream that resulted from my work practicing clinical pain management for 10 years, seeing the issues develop over time and the need for proper prescribing, documentation, and patient education. My work as a Paramedic for 17 years showed me repeatedly the devastation unintentional deaths from overdose can cause. My work as an educator for a major pharmaceutical company that manufactured several opioid medications and the regulatory environment they work in and under, and the issue they faced in trying to meet a need for treating a common and widespread problem - Pain - and the obstacles they had to overcome.


From this experience came a dream that lead to the development of a design for a locking prescription bottle that could be a key means for interruption of the primary means of diversion of prescription medication - obtaining it for free from the medicine cabinets of friends and family.


The design is simple to use - if you can pick up a pencil from the table, you can open this bottle; But, only if you have the key!  It is child proof and can be used on a variety of medicinal, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

We look forward to working with you,

Chris Kottenstette

President & CEO of Abuse Tech™


My Story....