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Prescription Abuse Mitigation training programs

1)      Targeted Individual provider, group, community, regulatory, and legislative training on

  1. -a.       Abuse, Misuse, and Diversion

  2. -b.      Strategies for dealing with the issues

  3. -c.       Options for individual care

2)      Clinically relevant and evidenced based decision guides dealing with common clinical situations and providing several appropriate decision options for you to chose from.

  1. -a.       EMR Templates

  2. -b.      Decision Tree Guides

  3. -c.       Options Management

  4. -d.      Workflow Optimization

  5. -e.      Independent clinician lead practice reviews and recommendations

  6. -f.        Evaluation tools, rating scales, outcome measurement, risk stratification

3)      Pharmacovigilance and community surveillance targeted to specific overdose incidents, or “Hot Spots” as might be determined by media reports, or systems such as RADARS or NAVIPPRO

  1. -a.       Medical and forensic investigation of true cause

  2. -       i.      Multi-substance contribution

  3. -       ii.     Assignment of specific drug cause

  4. -       iii.    Family, Social, and Individual Psychiatric confounders

  5. -b.      Family and community follow-up

  6. -c.       Community Education programs targeting

  7. -        i.      Law Enforcement

  8. -        ii.     Medical Providers

  9. -        iii.    Schools

  10. -        iv.    Religious and Community Organizations

  11. -        v.     Industry Representatives

4)      Independent cause of death investigations

5)      Legal testimony and expert opinion consultation

6)      Community Standard evaluation and comparisons

The effect the Abuse Tech™ bottle cap will have on the general public is overwhelming. 

Education and mitigation of existing problems is crucial in order to continue managing and prescribing medications for routine and critical health related issues. 

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