Abuse Tech™‘s Mission:

Abuse Tech's mission is to provide clinically relevant, evidenced-based, and user-centered solutions to help achieve a fair balance between the problems inherent in the provision of medical care to patients who gain significant quality of life improvements from the proper use of controlled substances to address their medical problem; and, to help mitigate the community issues of prescription medication abuse, misuse, and diversion through the provision of innovative and technically superior engineered and educational materials. The effect the Abuse-Loc™ bottle cap will have on the general public is overwhelming. 

The market for the Abuse Tech™ solutions include, but is not limited to :

  1. Healthcare providers

  2. Pharmaceutical manufacturers

  3. Pharmacies

  4. Government agencies

  5. Consumer protection agencies

  6. Child/advocacy groups

  7. Law enforcement

  8. DEA

  9. Parents

  10. The average user of any prescription medications

  11. The rest of the general public

The number of medications prescribed has increased at an average rate of 48% in the years between 2000-2009!

Education and mitigation of existing abuse problems is crucial in order to continue managing and prescribing medications for routine and critical health related issues. 

What if someone you know (or don’t know for that matter) goes to your bathroom medicine cabinet to take just a few of the pills out of your unattended bottle of Vicodin that you got  months ago but kept for an emergency...”just in case”?  What about that box of old medicines in the hall closet that seemed different after your teenager was poking around in there last week?

That's where the people who are abusing and becoming addicted to prescribed drugs are getting them! People are finding ways to get drugs without ever needing to acquire drugs from the illicit drug trade.  Why should they when there are piles of pills in most homes that they are willing to try to get high off of?

Prescription overdose death is overcoming automobile accidents as one of the leading causes of death!


Although the world is full of suffering it is full Also of the overcoming of it.

-Helen Keller

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